Honoring Mom

I have 3 most important woman in my life. My ex-gf was not counted anymore, but she will be replaced by my future wife. Then an old friend on the other side of the earth. The last one is my mom. Call me a spoiled kid, but I respect my mom, as the most influencing person in my life. But do you ever think of how hard is it to show your honor to mom? My experience: Very Hard!

Take an example of treating her for dinner. I can name thousands of restaurants, which I know serve good food, some of them expensive, but still affordable. She gracefully denied my offer with almost same reason: it is too expensive, and I don’t want you to spend the money only for food.

So many events lately that led me to write this blog. First, my mom herself. I know that she has longed for the same thing, to treat her mom, which is my grandma, for lunch. My mom loves to see people taking their old man, even in wheel chair, for lunch or dinner. And she has been succeed in that, by taking my grandma for lunch last weekend. So, if she can treat her mom, why couldn’t me? Or should I wait for my  om to sit in a wheel chair?

Then my friend on the other side of the world reminds me on this matter, to honor the most influential woman in my life. Finally, a friend sent me an old article about mom & son.

There is actually one thing she asked me, without waiting for her to sit in the wheel chair though, to take her visiting the world. She loved to travel, and can’t do that in her younger time, due to several issues, including economic. And now, since she is blessed with good health, I guess I owe her for a trip later in this year.

  1. Aw,…
    That friend on the other side of world is beaming being considered important.
    Wink wink.

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