Less than six hours slept every night. Group discussion every weekend. All presentations were due, and then come the final exam. At the office, account manager were yelling for proposal due date. My boss was chasing for risk analysis and resource plan. At the same time, my customer yelled for broken system. That was my typical days for the last 2 weeks.

Well, they said that something that didn’t kill you will make you stronger. I certainly learnt something in those days, which I will not elaborate here. School break is coming, and now it is time to catching up.

I need to go to Bandung, to visit father of my friend, who was sick for sometime. A friend there is also sick. Then there is a nice quiet place in there, which I would love to spend an evening with a cup of coffee and a good book: Hungry Ocean.

Then there is my project in the far east of Indonesia, which was neglected. I need to make some shipment for my program out there and also some planning for the next school year.

Finally, maybe some quiet time for digesting all the lesson of the past, and making my personal plan. Hopefully all can be fulfilled in the 2 weeks break….


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