Call for Help

Being a person with extra high self confidence, I seldom call for help. My weak point probably, trying to do too much things, and accept lower quality of work. But this is not acceptable in corporate world, where you need to cooperate to get bigger things done.

My boss somehow can smell it when I’m overloaded, and forgot to call for help. Having reminded by him made me think… what is the bad things that can happen when you call for help?

First, nobody can or willing to help you. Nothing happens, things didn’t get better nor get worse. Some said that at least you try.

Second, people will perceive you as weak. You still get the help needed, won’t die because of that, and maybe can still learn something from those who helped me.

Third, you might get some help from wrong person, who done the job below your quality that you’d better do the work yourself.  Things are also didn’t getting worse – at least you have someone to do one task while you do other. In the end you will ahve 1 superb work, done by yourself, and 1 below standard work, done by your friend, still better than 1 superb work when you have nobody to help.

Two outcome is better, while 1 has no impact. Next time remind me to call for help.

Song of the day: Out of my Head by Lionel Richie


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