Customer Experience @ Bakrie Telecom

I need to change my RUIM card for my CDMA phone. RUIM card is what SIM card to GSM mobile phone. So I drove to Bakrie Telecom, my service provider, for replacement.

The first experience is the parking lot. I drove through the security gate, took my ticket, and look at the empty space near the lobby, blocked by an orange cone. Next I found out that the parking space is reserved, I presume for the employee. I then drove to the basement and can only find a parking space at basement 3, after I was ousted for parking in a (another) reserved space in basement 1 and 2. Then I need ask 2 question, due to lack of direction sign to find the stair and the elevator. Fortunately for me, the parking staff near my car was kind enough to take me to the stair.

Until today, I still can’t understand about all the mess of simply parking my car. When so many global companies talked about customer experience, most of Indonesian service company (Not only this Bakrie Telecom) always put the parking for customer in the lower basement level, or in the higher floor of parking building. The level closer to the building is reserved for the company’s VP or director, which never went to the parking space anyway, since they have someone to drive their car.

Done with the parking things, I walk to the service center, get my number, waiting for a while, and served by the customer service. The customer service is not exceeding my expectation, but certainly not bad neither. I was told that the process will took 1 day, and my card will be ready tomorrow. I can’t believe this, in the era where technology is so cheap; they said they have a communication problem in the last 2 days!

Anyway, I fill in some form, and asked to pay for the service charge at the cashier. This is another problem with my experience. There are 4 of them, 1 female and 3 male. I handed my bill to one of them, and he just smile and chit chatting with the female, pointing his finger to his friend. His friend, also chit chatting with the female, took the bill from me. I just wondering, could they be a little bit more professional in doing their job? Rather than asking his friend, why the first man don’t took my bill, since he was also in front of computer and clearly not busy.

The next day I went back there to get my card. I suppose to take it from the security at the reception area, when he was busy talking in his mobile phone, and took him like forever to end his phone call. Where is professionalism in these days?

To end my post, I must compliment 2 people in my all experience above. The first is the parking guard mentioned above; who was kindly took me to the stairs to the lobby. The second one is also the parking guard, who was, in my 2nd day visit, took some risk by allowing me to park in the reserved space near the lobby, so that I can run quickly to took my card.

Bakrie Telekom website is at


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