Customer Experience @ Beautika

This restaurant is actually one of my favorite. They serve Manado food, known as hot food due to the amount of chilies used for cooking. It’s specialty? Pan-fried banana, eaten with chilly, and the Klappertaart. And that night, 10 of us went for the restaurant at Abdul Muis, Central Jakarta.

We just know when we arrived that, my friend had a bad experience in ordering. And it turns out that her order was not taken properly. We ordered 20 bananas, but only got 5. They also out of the Pepes Cakalang, a tuna-like fish wrapped in banana leaf and roasted, which is also one of my favorite menu.

Maybe it is really not our day and them, because we ordered 6 red bean ices, one of them came with a small cockroach in it. We complained, only to be handled by some waitress which likes newbie.

We still complain about the order which was not taken properly. We paid for the down payment, so I guess no excuse about our order. Then one of the girls, who was taking our order just passed, and handed down the notes of our order to my friend, no sorry whatsoever.

Well, if I was not disappointed with Bakrie Telecom, this one certainly very disappointing. It is still a good night, though. At least they still have the Klappertaart, and we have good chat with friends. Hopefully the problem is isolated in Abdul Muis branch, not in the other branches.


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