Bye-bye to Political Party

I was thinking to put “Death to Political Party” as the subject of the post, but think that it will be to harsh :D.

Last month, there were the election for the governor of Jakarta. There were 5 candidates, but in the last minutes, the authority forbid the candidates without supports from any political party (local term: independent candidate). DEspite all the protest bla bla bla, finally 2 candidates passed to the election day.

Among the 2 candidates, the first one got supports from 20 political party, while the other got 1 supports. If you confuse, it is correct, 20:1 political party. However, the end results was very surprising.

The one with supports from 20 party won the election, with the difference of 58:42%. Yes….. the 20 polical party can only gather 58% of votes to the 1st candidate, while the 1 party can gather 42% votes to the 2nd candidate. You might asked, is the 1 political party is the strongest party in the parliament? The answer: a big NO.

Is it marks the end of political party in Indonesia? There might still be a long time before this become true. However, seems that we are going that way. Provided that we can bring the education level in the country up to Jakarta’s standard, all the political party might better think of another way than using a single person as the idol for their campaign.


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