The Dixieland

I heard the word for the first time on a label of a Christmas CD. Looks like Christmas came so early this year that they played Christmas carol on first week of November

I Google the word. It is a term used to refer the southeaster part of us. It is where New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz music. The Dixieland jazz refers to jazz music, characterized by marching band music and trumpet.

I haven’t been there, and didn’t do another research, to let my imagination works. I’d love to been the street, with small cafes lining on its side. In the evening, sitting in one of the cafe, with a good book or just watching people passing by, accompanied by street band playing the Dixieland jazz

Even better probably early December. The weather is not so cold, the evening is long, and they played a Christmas carol jazz. Everyone sit and have a great time. Perfect


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