Favor for a Friend

“WIll you help me for preparation for my wedding”, friend sent a short message to my mobile phone. Just ordinary request from a friend, unless that the wedding date is onlye 3 weeks away!

The news of her getting married has surprised enough. She was the kind of person who are not up to young age wedding. I still remember that we used to chit chat about wedding, family, and all the burden.

Back to her favor, that 3 weeks advance notice sure make us panic. Fortunately, it was a small party, and she had almost all of it arranged. What left is some more detail works, such as room layout, and the schedule for the day.

Around ten if us were getting our hands wet, from arranging the schedule, calling the party to ensure that they can deliver all the stuff in time, laying out the room, checking last minutes item, photographer, even the driver of the car was her friends :D.

So we start working, from making the schedule, finding the catering for food, location survey, few technical meeting, looking for the car, arrange the permit, all of them in 3 weeks.

It is really the moment of truth, whether you have true friend or not. When you have a friend to lend and drive your wedding car, when you have a friend who patiently scans your old photo to present a nice slide, when you have friends who are willing to sleep late and wake up early, to make sure everything are in order, thats where it prove that you have a good friends. At the end of the day, everybody sits happy, laughing, pose for picture, drinks, and have fun :D.

Happy wedding to my friend, N & D.

*Today’s Song: You’re my Everything – Glenn Fredly

  1. A2au said:

    lagu gueeeeeeee…….lagu2 gue dipake ga akhirnya?????? *ga penting*

  2. Scal said:

    AKhirnya dia ngundang organ tunggal, so lagunya udah dipilihin sama yang maen organ. To tell you the truth, gua pilih lagu lu deh, soalnya yang nyayi suaranya ngaco.

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