Dangdut Style

I’m not sure whether Dangdut has a translation in English. Basically it is a kind of local dance in Indonesia? Traditional dance? Maybe, somebody tell me please. During the last few years, The Dangdut has more become more to sexy dance than art. The dancer, usually female, wore a tight shirt and short. During the dance, they move their butt which is (to some people) sexually arousing.

To properly identify and maybe put some trademark on the dancer, the media has begin to name each Dangdut style. Here is the name:

  • Goyang Ngebor (Drilling Dance), popularized by ID. The first and the most controversial Dangdut name which is named. I admit that this lady has a superb stamina, singing, move her butt in circle while squatting, standing, squatting, and so on. After that, follows…..
  • Goyang Patah-Patah (Broken Dance? Hmmm… maybe this is totally incorrect, although I agree that the dance is totally broken), popularized by AB. Not really remember her moves. Then after her, people start making a more creative name:
  • Goyang Gergaji (Sawing Dance), trademarked by DP
  • Goyang Sodok, can’t find the proper english translation. By MG
  • And just read this morning: Goyang Keris. Keris is traditional sword from Java. Do some Google image search, you might get the idea

My vote for the next Dangdut style: Goyang Tusuk Gigi (Toothpick Dance), which moves like a toothpick when being used.


1 comment
  1. kiko said:

    why do i think of fresh ‘rujak’ when you mention toothpicks? ummm…
    me, prefer : SKJ. yeahhhh! 😉

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