“Can I take her home?”

We were driving when the radio started a small funny polling: “You are on a date with your bf/gf. What is your answer if someone out of the blue come and asked you: How much should I pay to take your bf/gf home?”. Here is some good funny response…

The Macho Man: “With your life”

A Bored Lady: “No need to pay, I’m bored with him anyway. Just leave enough cash to buy some snacks”

Gadget Freak: “xxxx….. need it to buy yyyy”
(Replace xxxx with any number and yyyy with laptop, mobile phone and car)

Wedding Man: “xxxx….. need additional fund for my wedding”
(Next question: marry with who?)

Now here is some of our creative idea :D….

Poor Man: “Would you take me home first?”

Another Bored Lady: “Find someone to replace him as my company”

What would be your answer? 😀


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