Sin of Greatness

I might have a better workplace, being able to work anytime anywhere, without the need to be in the office at certain time everyday. I might have better computer skill, being able to work on relative complex Excel function, utilizing various MS Word advance feature, and made some good PowerPoint Presentation. And thankfully, I’m also blessed with good analytical thinking to solve complex problem. But with all the blessing I have, does it mean that I shouldn’t expect more contribution from the less blessed one in my team?

I put so much risk on my work lately for my thesis. There are changes which require a rather complex modification on our calculation. So, being able to wake up late, I work on my draft modification at 2am, so that other can work their own modification, based on mine.

I can understand that people are busy in their office hour. Again, having so much flexibility, I’m working to complete my modification. At least, If they finish at 7pm, they can already get my final version, and do their required modification so that we can get a final version of all worksheet at 10pm. Well, I need a good sleep.

Plan does not work. She free from her work at 9, which I won’t complain. Still no complain if she left us waiting for her to finish the worksheet until 12:30am. But I can’t accept if she pack up first and set home, while I’m still checking her worksheet, which is still incorrect! Heck, after all those waiting and sacrifice, I still need to sleep late, working on her still-incorrect worksheet?

So, is it due to my blessing that people can be very reliant on me? Enough I would say……..


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