With our deadline approaching, one of our team will go overseas to take her ill nephew. There are old proverb: blood is thicker than water. So as weird as it sounds to me (i.e. is there nobody else to take her nephew, etc?), it might be acceptable. What is not acceptable if she left with no responsibility to us.

Such kind of trip is not planned overnight. There are hospital arrangement to make, travel document to prepare, and office leave to apply.  And it is certainly possible (and we deserve it) if she can notify us NOT within 3 days before her departure date. And we just know that she will not be here until the deadline, and NOT planning to bring her laptop. HECK, who will fix all this if something goes awry on Monday?

We are not 5 years old boys and girls anymore, where nobody is counting on us. We all have wife, baby, parents, nephew to take care of, and friends  and colleague that is counting on us. I believe that they deserve some more responsible manner, just as your workplace. BTW, you don’t give 3 days notice to your boss about your plan, right? I think we deserve the same.


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