Mind over(run) Body

THe old saying is “mind over body”. Whatever you think you can do, or will happen, it will be done or happen. But what if your mind is so strong that, your body can’t handle it?

Last few days has been hard, with so many commitment to fulfill. And suddenly, in less than 24 hours, 2 person who doesn’t know each other told me to take some rest. The first one said that your mind might be strong, but your body has almost give up. The other told a story of her friend, who was hospitalized due to mind problem, and advised to change her mindset.

Am I closing to the limit?

  1. chocoholic said:

    I have also received the same comment in several occassions.

    Think at the end of the day, we should just ask ourselves one question: Is it worth it?

    (I am still working on the answer. Pls do share your answer when you have it. Will be interesting to learn another pov)

  2. scal said:

    Ah….. always the difficult question. Should we think about it before we start? 😀

    Anyway…. on this matter…. hopefully it worth all the effort. A wishful thinking, don’t you think?

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