Effect of Extraordinary Power

There are many cases that, when we are under severe threat, human body can do extraordinary things that they normally can’t do. For example: When chased by a dog, a man can run faster and longer than what he usually capable of, or to help their loved one, one can lift a heavy object which is normally can’t. The situation apparently also true for non physical threat.

Few months ago was tough months for me. The word deadline was enough to describe my days. During that days, my body seems to switch into hypermode the mode of extraordinary power. I have all the power I need to work until 2am, sleep, woke up at 8 and get ready for the day. Then going to the gym at 7, or meet some important person, then work with my colleague to finish my thesis. And all the ordeal finally ends few weeks ago.

Now, the effect of the hypermode creep into my body. I finish my thesis, no more needs to stay alert until 2am, and my body back to normal mode…. and even worse. As if my body recovered from the damage during hypermode, I now feel tired and sleepy at 11pm. Even then, I have problem waking up at 8.

Wish that we have control for the hypermode, but are we going to overrun our body, if we had such control?


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