GPS vs. “GPS”

One of the gadgets in my wish list is the Global Positioning System, or simply called GPS. Not because I often lost on the road, but more to impulse buying. Besides, it might be useful to mark interesting place (such as diving spot), or to map an area that no one has mapped before :D. So, before make the buy, I’m comparing it with “GPS”

The GPS I’m considering is small in size, and need bluetooth technology to connect to mobile phone to display the map. It has the accuracy of 3-5 meters, and has verbal instruction and warning to advise where to go at the next traffic light. If you miss it, it will recalculate the route.

The “GPS” has different fun. It does not need fancy bluetooth phone. Any phone will work, as long as you have enough balance. It accepts verbal instruction, and also provide verbal instruction. Accuracy depends on how detail you can describe your location and destination verbally. The best of “GPS” is its capability to warn you about one way road, and advise the next turn, and also advise you a good restaurant nearby. The advise are most of the time good

So.. do I still need a GPS?

  1. grace said:

    as the GPS needs batteries to operate the tools, neither does “GPS” : good food, good mood, and most of all : focused sane brain. otherwise it will deteriorate and shorten the life span. considering all the hassles, “GPS” should served better then. ahahahahahahaha.

  2. scal said:

    Ummm…. I should add the last night experience with “GPS” :D.

    Apparently, “GPS” has shorter battery life (8 hours max I guess). And yep, you’re right, good food, good mood is essentially important for “GPS” to operate :D.

    Focused sane brain is a little problem. I’m still figuring out the reset button, if there any…. :p

  3. miund said:

    hmm… i’m thinking of getting one for my boyfriend. but i’m a better GPS than those battery operated ones, because i know all the jalan tikus to avoid traffic and how to provide a great neck massage when the traffic stress hits. bet the average GPS can’t do that 😛

  4. scal said:

    Thanks for the feature info. Checking on my “GPS” for the massage feature 😀

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