Creative Destruction

The process of destruction is always linked with pain, sorrow, and other unpleasant condition. Creative Destruction is not an exception. It is also linked with all those unpleasant conditions, and from it, a new spirit creativity arise and another door of opportunity opens for those who make through it.

“Who Moved my Cheese” probably the best words to describe creative destruction process in the workplace. When someone has been working on a specific job for almost 8 years that, although it is a dynamic job, it become more like daily chores, then the creative destruction process must begin. A new cheese must be found, so that we are not bored with the same taste of cheese.

It is unpleasant, of course. It is full of uncertainty, and excess baggage from the previous role.  But the uncertainty sparks the spirit of waking up and facing what the uncertainty has to offer.

The creative destruction has just begun


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