About One’s Title

All this unimportant intellectual rambling for today started by Venny in her post. Was thinking to put my new title behind my name. Cool? Read on 😀

Coincidentally, one of the radio broadcaster tonight also talked about title, congratulating his friend for a new master degree, and close it with a question: Does your salary adjusted to your new title? A very good question…..

So, maybe title won’t get you a pay rise, but might get you a very rich in-laws… or do the opposite, keep you single for quite a while. Is it? At least, in our observation tonight, most of those who major in engineering usually married latter than those major in other fields. We can think of 4 engineering person straight who yet to be married, and have to think hard to find 4 non engineering degree at our age who are still single.

Need more prove? She said that, among her high school’s female friend, only the engineering one that haven’t married. Well, start checking on your friend and see if it is true :D.

If title and marriage are so closely related, is it possible that the title itself contains some kind of prophecy? Let see (ask someone who understand Bahasa to translate for you):

  • Scal ST –> Scal Single Tau
  • Scal ST MM –> Scal Single Tapi Mau Menikah
  • Scal ST MM –> Scal Single Tampan Mencari Model

OK, I’ll stop before people start throwing rotten tomato and egg to this blog. But seems that the theory fit in. Then, if the title has some kind of prophecy about marriage, why don’t they put something more straightforward in name card? Think of it, if people will put ST MM behind their name, why don’t they put “single, 30” in the same card? Who knows that the people who got your card happen to know someone a match for you?

Hmmm…. Scal, Single, 30? Not so cool anymore….

PS: Being someone with engineering degree, I would say that most of us are looking for “the one”, instead of “the only one”. Read this post from my friend 😀


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