A Good Compromise

Rowing CartoonTo welcome the fasting month, we decided to went out of the city. The reason is, during fasting month and 1 week afterwards, we will be practically bounded in Jakarta. Restaurant will mostly closed, so there are no reason to go anywhere during the period.

But we have a different idea. I prefer Pramuka Island than Bandung, since just recently I was in Bandung. She prefer Bandung, due to lack of point of interest in Pramuka Island. So, when we can’t choose between two, we pick the third option: Krakatoa Volcano. Just realized now that it is really a good compromise of ocean (Pramuka Island) and Mountain (Town of Bandung) into Krakatoa Volcano, which is located at Sunda Strait.

So, with 2 backpack, we set off on Friday evening, anxious for another adventure trip ahead. And 3 days later we’re back to Jakarta, full of joy, and tons of pics uploaded at http://www.pbase.com/bennyc/in_lampung

*Photo taken from www.coastalwatersrec.com/content/view/16/51/ , hosted at http://imageshack.us/


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