Paranoid Property Agent

This is funny. I just called a property agent to inquiry about his listing on the website. Here is a summarized conversation:

Me: Hello, I would like to inquiry about the property listed in website xxx, located at yyy
Him: Yes, how can I help you?
Me: Where is it exactly located?
Him: Umm… it is located at yyy, close to the toll road
Me: OK… sounds good. Can I have the address so I can find its location on the map before decide a visit?
Him: Umm… I afraid no sir. If you deal directly with the owner, then I will have no commission
Me: (Giving a weird look which he can’t see) OK…. then what about the name of the road, so I can still at least find the location. I can’t find the house anyway without the exact address
Him: Umm… sorry sir, it happens to me before that I miss my comission. If you interested, why don’t we pay a visit together
Me: OK… thanks (Hang up)

Now… a devilish thought came into my mind. One definitely won’t be able to sell a house without a visit, so he would definitely took me there. If I really want to skip his commission, I could easily agree to visit, get to know the owner, and the EXACT location of the house.

What would prevent me to pay a second visit to the house, and deal directly to the owner? Does he stay at the security post of the complex, so he can watch me coming in and out? Even then, I can just ask my friend to pay a visit and talk to the owner.

And if by giving the name of the road he will still have a chance for his commission, he now just lose his chance for it. Not a good move based on a stupid calculation.

A newbie I guess….. good luck for him… may he learn that reward come hand in hand with risk.


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