Thanks McD

Mc Donald’s Sarinah, the 24 hour shop, located in the heart of Jakarta’s night life. There, along with other places, is where people see and being seen, where people come after a very late activity, just to satisfy their empty stomach. And in Mc Donald’s Sarinah is where I unintentionally left my camera, EOS 400D, and just realize it 4 days later.

I came back this morning with slight expectation that I would ever see the camera again. “I left my camera here 4 days ago, is it possible that it was found and kept by the shop?” I was asking, with little hope in it. “Hold on a second”, Mr Sugito, one of the staff said as he disappeared behind the door.

Moments later, he came back with a piece of paper to get my detail. “We need to be sure that you are the owner of the camera. Could you tell a little bit of description of the camera”, he said after taking my details. I told him about a small scratch, and other detail as much as possible. When he decided enough, he again went back to check the camera. And relief come into my heart as he came back with a familiar camera bag :D.

I checked inside to ensure that nothing is missing, and indeed all is still in there as I remember. Four days missing, and I can’t tell how thankful I am with Mc Donald’s Sarinah. Thank you Mr Sugito, thanks for your staff who found my camera, and for their honesty to ensure a safe return of it.

Jakarta, 27 October 2008

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  1. Ah,…
    Should I be proud to say that I work for them? Well, not the Sarinah branch…
    Somewhere else.

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