Memento of 2008

“Be prepared! You’ll never know when someone push the play button of your life” — Can’t Remember Who —

In the last 2 years, life has been paused for me. What else, if not because of my school. My gym schedule screwed, weekly swimming session became monthly, then annually. And my scuba diving gear rotten for being too long in the shelf.

I didn’t expect much changes though after completion of my study last April. But apparently, the universe has another plan. It pushed the play button of my life, and that’s when life became alive: full of action and surprise!

Who would expect to be in a lifetime trip to the exotic Aceh? Or experiencing the greatness of Mother Nature at Krakatau Volcano? Or being part of international literacy event in Bali? Or finding the hidden jewel close to home at Pramuka Island at the shore of polluted Jakarta’s waterfront?

Sometime in the middle of this year, I was excited to be given a new responsibility at the office. A responsibility which involves working with senior consultants from the office. It was exciting, and I learn a lot of practical skills of being a consultant. A small coincidence also bring me to the oil rich city of Balikpapan.

Looking back to my post on 1 January 2008, I can boldly say now that YES, I’m finally stand on my feet once more! And on the last day of 2008, I sit at my comfortable home, content with how life unfolds during the last 356 days. I will welcome 2009 with a smile for memento that remains…..



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