Memento of January 2008 – Theater Performance

My experience with live theater performance started back in 2007. Watching Teater Koma at that time, the live theater show was really impressive. It is where you can appreciate the real hard work of preparing a show. Each of them must memorize 4 hours of dialogs, expressions, tones and plots, while keeping their stamina for the show. No re-take, no mistake! Then for almost 3 weeks, they perform the 4 hours performance 6 days a week, every night. With no electronics to amplify their voice, they should keep their voice loud and clear enough during the show. Not to mention the stage decoration team should also work together, making sure that the transition of scene runs smoothly, still in zero mistake mode.

The result is an impressive show, so impressive that I don’t mind watching it for the 2nd time. Not only your eyes is satisfied, but also your heart. It is where the real art performance is…. and hard work….


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