Technology and Face Reading

I’ve been bombarded with the following marketing text message by my operator: “Uncover your fate through weekly face reading. Send SMS to XXXX to activate service”. Read it once again, did you find something strange in the message?

How come someone read your face through voice call, let alone text message!

OK, I thought, maybe technology has advanced so much that you can take a self-picture, send MMS to the operator to get your face read – regularly! Then you need to take a weekly self-portrait, send MMS to the operator to get your face read. Maybe there are new wrinkles… maybe….

Oh well, if anyone has ever tried the service (or palm reading service), I would love to hear their comment…..

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  1. chocoholic said:

    Back in college, someone once told me that I had already met my soulmate — I still don’t see any sign of him.

    Fast forward a few years, another one told me that if I had married younger,I would have had to marry twice — I’m starting to wonder if it would’ve been more fun that way.

    Fast forward to a recent encounter, another one told me I was gonna meet someone around last September — Well, it’s January now 😛


    (P.s. Just to clarify, there were other topics mentioned also, not just guys, guys and guys. But I think this is the funniest to track)

    Scal: Yeah, I must agree that your comment won’t be much interesting if not for guys 😀

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