Quitting 8+ Job

Last week I end 8+ years employment with a company


People seems did not expect that, someone who has worked for a company for so long to quit and move to another company, so that’s the question I’ve get since I tender my resignation.

One must quit his/her job when work was more than burden than something you do with all your heart. When you drag your body in the morning to take a bath, feels that you will face the same day same problem all over again, I think it is time to move on.

Why can it be like that?

I remember how excited I was when I join the company 8 years ago. They are innovator! The guiding priciple is clearly carved in the heart of organization and employee. Calculated risk taking is accepted, and everyone in the organization take calculated risk, from the director up to the staff.

Then come the dot com crisis, but the behavior holds. However shareholder seems not that happy, so they change the CEO to the cost consious one, who can’t think of anything else than cost cutting. Some make sense, some is ridiculous. A man can only reduce his food for so much, mo matter how fat he is, before his body function start failing. So does a company. No more innovation, tighter procedure, no more risk taking, accountability soon dissapear, all in the name of cost cutting.

So, is it all that made me move?

When I spend my time to comply with business procedure than meeting customer to generate project, when the excuse “I have too many job”, or “This is the procedure, can’t do anything” became common, and after doing all the non-value-added task, you only get a average reward, I move on.

And no, I’m not looking for monetary reward. I just expect a fair performance rating…..

1 comment
  1. Big jump there…
    Good luck to you, I’m sure everything will be fine. Are you just like my buddy at work who are also quitting his job to go backpacking to Europe until his heart content?

    Scal: Well…. I wish I am like your buddy…. maybe 10-20 years later… 😀

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