The Most Lame Excuse

New office, new co-workers, new vendors, and also more excuse, lame one. All of them made my thought wander while driving in a rainy night: What lame excuse that sure makes you lose your job… or customer?

  1. I’m new, and boss haven’t update me about the project. Situation: new project lead from partner company use the excuse several time. Whether your boss update you or not, it is none of my business, as cutomer. Fortunately he is an old time friend……
  2. I’m not paid enough to do this. The boss from other department jokingly tell what happen if his subordinate use the excuse. I have to concur with the options he would offer: “You want to pack up now, or tomorrow?” Translation: You’re Fired!
  3. I haven’t trained with this new product. Those who is trained and CAN do the job, it is expected. Those who is trained but CAN’T do the job, he is dumb. Those who isn’t trained but CAN do the job, that is extraordinary. And extraordinary people is rewarded. Which one you want to be?

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