The 200 sqm Obsession

It is more than a dream, it has become an obsession: To live on 200 sqm land.

No need for huge luxury house. Just a nice 2 storey house will do. No need for a swimming pool, a fish pond in the middle of green lush would do for a cozy weekend.

Picture yourself, serving tea and biscuit during a high tea time on the weekend. From behind the bar, it is a dining table, green grass, trees, and the sound of water splashing from the pond.

Today I’m one step closer tot he dream. Not exactly the 200 sqm obsession, but with all the imagination of wonderful dining room and backyard.

Crossing my finger now……

1 comment
  1. chocoholic said:

    hi scal,

    keeping my fingers crossed for you. but will i be invited for tea?

    Sure…. or in your case… a cup of hot chocolate would be more appropriate I guess :p

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