Wishes for the Next RI 1

I just turn down a beggar tonight. An old man, who moved inch by inch in each step.

Not my intention to be rude and heartless. It just that my mind is flying somewhere, and when a dark shadow shows up on my window, I, by reflex,  waived my hand. Then I saw him moving away, inch by inch, step by step. Guilty feeling then creep in.

Clearing the traffic light, my mind wander to tomorrow’s election for Indonesia new president. I wish that the new president would do great thing, so that no old man stranded on the road, live from mercy of passerby, while he enjoy the comfort of his Mercedes S Class, free from traffic jam, thanks to the escort.

I wish that no teenager with only one leg, sitting next to the intersection of the famous Menteng area, wishing that car and motorcycle stop for the traffic light will spare some of their fortune, while the president enjoy the comfort of air conditioned office, paid by the taxpayer.

I wish that no boy, under heavy rain at 10:30pm, hopping from car to car, selling the evening newspaper, which might be worthless in a few hour.  I wish that he can go to school, so that when someday he become the next president, he will do better than the current president.

A lame wishful thinking? I have a good faith for the country, and hopefully take part to make it true by casting my vote tomorrow……


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