Retreat to a Journey

A recollection, if I may say..

And it makes me think when was the last time I joined this kind church retreat gathering.. 10 or 15 years ago perhaps, ewwwhhhhh.

We have completed pre marital course session last week.

To my surprise, it was not as boring as I thought previously although sitting on flat folded chair for 16 hrs for straight two days absolutely make your bottom feel quite nasty.

Topics learned are basics, some important things you’ve used to ignore or even forget. How to build effective communication, spiritual things on family, how to educate your children, even they taught about basic sexuality session from church perspective. Warning to my anti sexist friends: some of these sessions might burn your head to toe depends on your belief.

The good thing about every session is sharing. Although the lectures taught one way theory but in between there are always sharing time from couples, neither the lectures neither the members. This is not about learning from expert how to build your perfect family, but by listening to other people stories about the ugly and bad things and how they survive, hoping that you’ll find your own strength and faith on your future family life. Because whether you agreed or not, it’s the family tie that bonds your heart and soul later in marriage life.

Another important things are, you were allowed (I said pushed) to express and exchange your feelings to your partner on a basic level which sometimes you never revealed to him or her. Daily routines, conversation, sharing, in any way probably did not touch the essential basic questions because you feel it too common neither why would such stupid questions be asked? In the end, it’s glad to know what your partner has revealed about your good and bad side wide open.

Me, I was interesting on seeing couples who attend this class. Those who dated foreigner, those who dated freelancer, those who talked too much, those who seem sweets and romantic. Couples whom I think smart and good partner, couples who seems the woman take control and vice versa, couples who has been through tough times, couples who survived stormy marriage and so on. And imagining marriage life they’ll enter with their partners, uh oh, I am not magician nor even God but certain funny and sweet feelings rushed my mind that time.

In the end, I was stunned of thingy reality of revelation. Sometimes I did not revealed such things I considered as private even to my close friend, but to new unknown people you’ve just met, bang! You were very fluent to tell about everything and your feelings especially.

The course and session had finished. Not only for legal certificate had we earned but hopefully another basic revelation on stepping into marriage life in the future. When the world seems too busy neither too smart to explore and conquest, returning to the first step always enlightening. We’re never smart enough to understand the mystery of His creation anyway.

I’m raising thank you pray, dear Lord.

Written by She on 18 August 2009


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