Chasing Gown

We have expected that choosing the bride’s gown would not be easy. It is forever, unlike the taste of the food in the reception that people will forget after 1 week, the gown and the make up will last in photo album, and wall photo. There are no procedure, unlike clearing the paperwork at church or government office. It is an art, and personal.

So we stop at the first bridal we ever visited. We walked through the reception, passing the wall photo of couples who have used their service before. Not so impressive I would say, at least nothing catch my eyes more than 5 seconds. After brief explanation of the available package, we walk into the wardrobe. She want a simple dress. Being an active lady, she want one with short skirt so that it won’t drag along as she moved around. This kind of gown is apparently unpopular here. She finally picked one among the few, and went to the spacious fitting room behind a screen. Not long after, the screen opened…..

She’s gorgeous……

Even without the bride’s make up…. she’s still gorgeous….

The thought running through my head at that moment might be once in a lifetime thought. I probably smiled ear-to-ear, I don’t know as I don’t even bother to look at the mirror.

We decided to try several other places, and ultimately, we are happy to find a place with good selection of simple bride’s gown she wanted for. She gave few gown’s another try, some gown is really simple, other amplify her nobility aura. We cross one which is too glamorous, and finally came with few selection that we love.

At night we are back at street-side stall, having a light dinner. We were exhausted, having visited not less than 5 bridals, and she tried more than 15 gown that day. The vegetable rice cake with light soup is refreshing, but what’s more refreshing is the wild talks about the planned D-Day. What would happen if somehow I can’t make it to the church, due to the traffic jam? Can I ask someone to say the vow on my behalf, with a power of attorney maybe, if such thing is known in Heaven?

*knock on wood*


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