Pre-wedding Photos

“This is my pre-wedding photo”, my friend handed over me a photo album. My friend adds as I browse through it: “It was taken at that place”. I smiled, while continue to browse through the album, but deep inside, I talked to myself: Is this the pre-wedding photo that I want to have myself, if I am about to get married?

Why should I pay to have a nice pre-wedding album, taken where almost 90% of married couple this year went for their pre-wedding photo? And even after that, what can I say to my friend is: “This is my pre-wed album, taken at <insert-the-place-where-every-couple-went-for-prewed>“, while handing over the photo albums with beautifully artificial pose.

Fortunately, She shared the same vision. Pre-wedding photo should describe the personality of the couples. The pre-wedding photo should shows things the couples do together during their relationship and places they visit, so that 20-30 years after the sacred vow, they can show it to their friends, telling about wonderful things they did at the magical places. It should contains the most natural expression, happy face, sad face, drunk face, so that both can laugh together when the memory came by.

It is priceless – no photographer can do that for you except yourself and your tripod. It is timeless – it goes way before the marriage itself. And that’s what we called the Pre-wedding photos.


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