A Cheerful 31st Birthday Wish

My 31st birthday turns out to be a cheerful one.  Exactly at 00:00, 3 person wished me a Happy Birthday. To one of them I promised a Birthday Wish.

Next, after the morning shower, the bank called me for a good news about my mortgage: the special rate is being extended. Suddenly I still see myself surfing at Bali beach next year, yaiy.

The traffic is at ease as well int he morning, since people has started their long holiday from the office. Some of them is babysitting their kids, because the nanny left for the long holiday. Another is travelling to their hometown to celebrate the biggest annual celebration in the country: The Eidl Fitr.

My Facebook wall is filled with birthday wishes as well, so full that I can’t even see yesterday’s notification, and had to scroll 3 pages just to thank them for the wishes. The same thing happened in the office, when they all crowd my desk to wish me a birthday.

The day is getting dark, and my 31st birthday will pass in couple of hours. Before it is too late, its my time to fulfill my promise to post my brithday wish.

“I wish that I can celebrate my 32nd birthday at my new nice small place I called home, with someone I would call my wife.”


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