Goodbye, Our Beloved Grandma

I still remember, during my childhood time, when my parents would take me to her house. She knew I was coming, and has prepared all kind of food I can imagine at that time. I will run through the door, going straight to the kitchen, just to know what’s cooking…

Then all my cousin would come to gather at her place. We will run, and run, and run, from the kitchen, through the hallway, into her small living room. We didn’t run quietly, we make noise, a big child noise. And she seems to enjoy looking at her grandchildren having fun at her house.

As we, her grandchildren, grew mature, she grew older. As her grand-grandchildren made their first cry, she grew more and more tired, clearly beaten by time. And today, 21 September 2009, The Creator has finally made His call. He release her from her suffering. At 9 pm, she finally passed away.

There are no cry, there are no sadness. We know that we made her happy while she was with us, that no cry, no matter how hard it is, would replace it. We are happy that she will meet the Creator accompanied with our prayer for her.

We wish her a save journey through our prayer, and we thank her, for a great childhood memory that she left with us, her sons, daughters and grandchildren……


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