Absurdity of Wedding

Last weekend might be the most absurd day of our wedding preparation.

The first absurdity comes at the sollicitor office. We were there to collect the penupt agreement when somebody yell: “Scal!” My college friend. We still kept our wedding plan among families and limited friends whom we asked for help, and it is a little bit awkward when my friend cought us with our prenupt. Not to mention that, not eeryone will have open mind for a prenupt.

From the solicitor, we drop by at our house for a short discussion, then continue on long drive to photo studios, one of many item yet to be confirmed. We were so exhausted that, we stop for durian ice at nearby street stall. At the casheir, the old lady behind the counter asked: “Are you two going to get married?” Looking us puzzled, she continued: “I overhear your conversation, you two are getting married, right?”

Our quest continued to the jewellry. We need adjustment for the wedding ring, and to craft our name. “I’m sorry but we can’t craft both name with both ring. we need to keep our logo, so we know that it is bought from us, for the purpose of warranty.” OK, this is the first time that Im not allowed to do anything for something I bought! So, I gave him 2 names: “SMURF” for bride’s ring, and “SMORF” for groom’s ring. They are names we used to call each other. I can see the jeweller tried not to laugh – your fault for not allowing us to craft our names.

On then way back home, we were discussing where to eat. Options are all street stall, from porridge, instant noodle, toast bread, etc. But then we passed an Italian restaurant, we mde up my mind in a blink: “Lets dine there”. I have stomach problem, and need to unload, and I guess that restaurant has better toilet than street stall.

Italian food gave ur more booze than alcoholic drink, I guess. Soon after, we start halucinating about what will a man do when he approach a woman at the bar, and how the woman would respond. It turns to comedy-like conversation, which kept us laughing until the end of the night.


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