Half Way Done

I should have expected it. A wedding is a serious matter, and one of serious matter in it is to introduce the family. It is not only my family, and her family, but the whole big family to be introduced, including the distant one that you have met less than 10 times. And being part family those never-been-seen people feels that they have the ultimate say on how the family meeting should be run.

We planned the family meeting, and for my parents to propose her to be my wife to her mother, since few months ago. I has been pushed, part of it due to inevitable event, and part of it due to we can’t settle on the event detail. We want a simple meeting, where my parents propose her, and then off we go for lunch. So much we want it that, we handled the initial discussion badly with her family.

“Why should we let someone whom we met few times in our life runs our life?”

We gave in, finally. “This is the parent’s day, so let them run it”, I thought. So, with only 1 week left, I was running errand just to fulfill the offering: Pork legs, box of cookies, fruit basket and some sweeties. All this endeavor reminds me of pre-orientation period during high school time; it didn’t stop there.

So there come the day, when my parent officially propose her to her mother. All went well, and after that time, I should proudly say that: We are engaged!

1 comment
  1. Hey,
    Congrats on your engagement!
    I guess we all share the same typical problems when it comes to our weddings and our wedding preparation.
    Other people feel like they entitle to express their wishes. They forgot that this is actually your wedding, not theirs.
    Happens to me too, dude…
    But anyway, at the end of the day, it’s only the two of you, right? And nothing else matters… 😉

    Scal: Even those who we never met before….. But yeah, I’ll keep focusing at the end result :D. Thankssss

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