The Bucket List

“So, what’s next”, I popped the question to her.

We are getting married in 3 weeks, in the first month of 2010. And marriage is not the end. It is a beginning of a new chapter in life, and we definitely don’t want to spoil it. There should be another great thing after marriage other than making babies.

That evening, we created our new bucket list. Not the list to be done in 2010, but a far greater list of what we want after the wedding. Some we wish to cross off  during the year, other might took years to complete. The list so far:

  1. A travel book and travel literature library, with attached coffee shop. Travelers are free to read the travel guides and literature over a cup of coffee and plate of snacks. We will keep a corner for ourself, for us to write our travel story
  2. To relive the nomad live, to live and work at a new city, country for at least 3-5 years before moving on. City list so far: Singapore, Melbourne, London
  3. To be able to work and make money at anytime, anywhere
  4. To have her own regular column about travel, architecture and food
  5. To have a furniture shop featuring works of non-famous designer. New designer with great talent but little opportunity will have the chance to feature their works.
  6. To travel round-the-world, fly to the east

Happy New Year 2010, hope that you cross off many things in 2009, and add even more in your bucket list for 2010


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