The Day I Got Married

During my college day, I made a promise to myself: I will get married after my 30th birthday. Thirty years old is the age, in my opinion, where I hopefully financially ready, and more importantly, mentally ready.

And on 23rd January 2010, I fulfilled my promise.

Our wedding plan started on 28 February 2009, when I propose her. “I do” she said and we hugged. We made a decision that night for a simple wedding. Not the lavish one in 5-stars Hotel Ballroom with grandeur stage, from which you are wondering who are these people. We want an intimate wedding, where you shake their hands while calling their names, where all our friends who knows us shaken with tears of happiness.

Housing is the next one to address. We spent long weekends, from houses to houses, agents to agents, trying to match location and budgets. We venture to places we haven’t been before, calculating budgets, negotiating prices. Until one day, we are at this place. This is not the perfect house we dream of, but the most acceptable so far, and fit the budget. I look at her eyes, holding her hands, and said: “I want to move on with our wedding plan. Lets buy this one”. We still have to wait for a couple of months until it is completed

Our parents are the people we mostly grateful for bringing us to this day. We can understand and fully accept if they have their own will on how they want to deliver us to our new family. But what we can’t accept is the people around them, whose voice are very confusing that, we don’t know anymore which one is our parents’ own will, or someone else’s will. For those people, whom we met maybe once, twice in couple of years, or maybe in our lifetime, we just wishes that they would mind their own business

The day has fianlly come, the day that we ahve been waiting for almost 1 year. It is also in that day that, you can really tell which one is your friends, and who among them that you can count on for important day. There are those who shops for flower in the middle of midnight, so they can gave us the most fresh flower available. A friend was so busy running errand that, he was like being washed with a bucket of water when we met him. But, there are another friend who seems occupied to check, whether his loved on has made it to the venue or not. There are another friend who took the precious time to don her make up. It is really moment of truth, and we are grateful that we have a lot of accountable friends.

The drama is a happy ending, with us finally standing before the altar, saying the sacred vow. Our friend sing the most beautiful wedding entrance song that we ever heard. We got a lot of wonderful picture, and in the afterparty, we enjoy the company of those who have helped us, we will be in debt to them forever.

At 11:00 pm, 23 January 2010, we lie down in the bed tired after months long of labor, phisically and mentally. It is the end of the day. It is the time, where, no matter how glamorous the party was, there will be two of us: Me, and the lady I proudly call my wife.

23 February 2010 – Celebrating 1 month of our wedding

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  1. chocoholic said:

    congrats, scal!

    Thankssss 😀

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