Back to Home

All the wedding business had practically consumes all time that we can spared from office life. And for 2 months we have left the house neglected. So, it is only natural that, the first activity we did after we got married is house visit.

This is how the facade of the house look like, 2 days after our wedding.

We are not happy! Left for 2 months, we expect more than a clean flooring and door frame. We were ready to see some works on floor tiling. But, seems the developer face some issues with the contractor that left our house abandoned for quite some time.

Some work has apparently started in front of our house. From 2nd floor, we can see that water drainage has been prepared for the road.

And when we are back 3 weeks later, we park our car right in front of the house. The photo below is taken from our kitchen window.


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