The Floor Tiling

One of the best progress in the last 3 weeks is: Floor Tiling. Yep… they finally have started the floor tiling. Starting is probably an understatement, since it is almost finish – I would say around 90%. It is a pity though to ask them to remove some part of it, for we have informed them about our plan for parquet flooring.

Apparently they’ve changed to new contractor, which might explain our slow progress in the last couple of months. I was greeted by Pak Marwan, the new contractor. “We expect to finish the house in 1 month”, which trigger a wide smile on our face.

At the front of the house, work has progressed to prepare the car port. Soon, not only that we can parked our car in front of the house, but also we can park inside our own car port. Another worker is also working at our front pillar

And finally the backyard! Finally, they have land-filled the previously empty land. And for the first time in a couple of month, I’m back walking on the backyard.

One hour later, we stand at our soon-to-be dining room. The sky is clear, and wind is blowing through the open space of the house, blowing our mind away into the future. We will have our dream fulfilled in 8 months: Celebrating Christmas in our new lovely house…


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