Why I think SMI 2014 is too much?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m as proud as the other with the appointment of Sri Mulyani Indrawati as Managing Director of World Bank Group. As with other, I also feel the lost of such great woman, yet it proof that Indonesian does not lack of great people. And I also curse those people who accuse her running away from corruption investigation. If it is true, it will be the most elegant way to avoid investigation, rather that sick, or even worse, sudden amnesia.

But her as Indonesian President? Wait a second, I won’t suddenly agree with this.

Why don’t we nominate Rudy Hartono, winners of 8 All England Trophy, or Icuk Sugiarto, Susi Susanti or Alan Budikusuma as our Minister of Youth and Sports? Or those who has traveled across Indonesia as ministry of tourism? For sure, he/she will know Indonesia’s great tourist  spots better than the current minister, right?

I don’t think SMI should run for presidency in 2014, at least not now. Being a president would require more than just excellent financial experience, similar like Minister of sports have to know more than doing sports, or Minister of Tourism to know more than traveling and tourist spots.

It is the communication and leadership that has to be proven. Skill to communicate effectively, and in a tactical way. Negotiating at a bigger scale of a nation. All this might be more important for a leader at a country level.

Besides, you won’t ask all the great people to be your foster parents, or do you?


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