2011 in a Glimpse

Looking back to as far as I can remember, 2011 probably the year when I feel BLESSED and FULL. As if, moving into 2012, I couldn’t ask for more. If given the chance, I don’t know what to ask for more in 2011.

The highlight of 2011 is definitely our son, Ethan Samuel Chandra. Around same time last year, 1 January 2011, I and Grace was sitting on our bed, writing our wishes for 2011. Then sometime in April, Grace came to me with a piece of paper: “I’m going to have a new job”. I took the paper, hoping to see an offering letter, only to find a word “POSITIVE”. After a bumpy ride in Grace’s tummy, our son was born on 26 November 2011, as our early Christmas Present.

The pregnancy, and ultimate delivery of our son has made us travelling less in 2011 compared to 2010. Before Grace was pregnant, we traveled to Singapore in March. In May, 3 month pregnant, we traveled to Bali although we have to change the plan for Grace to take her Scuba Diving Lesson. Instead, we traveled down inside Bali to Lake Batur, and spend a great night there.

On the 2nd half of 2011, we practically stay in Jakarta, except for a short trip to Bandung to attend a wedding. Despite of less travel completed this year, we have manage to earn more on our travel blog, dawnabroad.com. We accepted 2 sponsored post, and plus increased hit on our ads has made 2011 as exceptional year in our travel blogging.

Being pregnant doesn’t stop Grace from being active in her culinary world. Through our blog jivekitchen.blogspot.com, Grace was invited to some product launch, the most notable one is Starbucks VIA. Nearing the end of the year, Grace was invited an contributed to annual edition of Femina Magazine. Together with 3 other food blogger, Grace write about her favorite food across the nation.


Almost one month before the born of our son, I overshoot my original goals in 2011 about running. What I wrote in January 2011 is to finish a 10 k race, and in 30 October 2011, I finished my first half marathon. That is, 21 km in one single run. Looking back in 2010, 20 km is my mileage in one month!

The year 2011 close swiftly when, just few days before year ends, we receive winning announcement of a bid that we have worked since end of 2010.

Less than one left before 2011 become yesterday, and 2012 become today. We are looking forward to 2012, and wishing it to be another successful year. HAPPY NEW YEAR


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