Baby Ethan 7 Weeks Old: The Toothless Smile

It was a tough week for our family. The 40 days doula service that we hired has completed. At the same time my work at the office has picked up as we are in 2nd week after new year. I was practically arrived at home after 9pm, leaving Grace to handle most of Ethan’s needs.

Then on Thursday morning, Grace message me: “Baby Ethan has smiled on me 4 times this morning”. I read the message while having grim face of our dear customer during a contract negotiation.

Friday evening, i got home at 10pm, glad that finally the week is over. Baby Ethan was half asleep in his crib. He saw me when I walked up, and there they are….. The big smile for me with a coo. “hi”, probaby that what he tried to say.

The smile of Baby Ethan filled our whole weekend. We would put him on his seat, or on our lap when he is content. And when we smile at him, he will give that toothless smile back to us, to our heart’s content.

Happy 7 week Baby Ethan


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