So I Quit My Job

On 15 of March 2012, I submitted my resignation letter, officially ending my 3 years tenure with this company. It was as a result of series of event that happens in such perfect timing. Let me start with my expectation towards my manager.

Moving to my current company as an experienced person, I only have 2 expectation from my manager. And none of this relates to money. First, I want to be measured by result . I believe that each individual has their own way to do things, and as long as it didn’t contradict the code of conduct, I should be free to do they way I want it to be done.

Second thing, I want to do the work for a reason. I am not applying for militaristic way of working, in which you have to do things because somebody told you so, no question asked, no negotiation. I’m upholding this 2 principles and get along quite well in the last 3 years, until ealier in 2012.

I was asked to work on a project that I has done before. Doing this project is basically throwing me 5 years back in my profesional career. While initially I object and ready to quit the job, I came to my sense, and instead, emphasize on my experience to get job level adjustment. I push my way to the director of this company, only to get him violating my principle. And worse, he simply refuse to even review my level, simply because I haven’t prove to this company that I can do better. In other words, he nullify my previous 8 years experience.

At the lowest point, I got a call from another company, offering a position. I got several job offer few months back, which I turn down simply because I’m quite comfortable working at this company. The job is not perfect, but bearable up to this point. But when someone throw you 5 years back, and another open a door to move forward, the choice is very clear.

The interview process takes not too long. From my first interview until they make an offer took 1.5 months, and another 2 weeks of negotiation until we got an agreement. Time that is to short for the director to realize his mistake.

And when I submitted my resignation letter, it is already too late. I turn down his offer, which might be good enough before I make my decision. But when I make a decision, there will be no turnig back. On 30 April 2012, I will officially ending my career here to start at a new place


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