From 2012 to 2013

We know right from the start, when the firecracker still popping in the early moment of 1 January 2012, that the year will be filled with 3 things: baby, baby and baby. It will be fun, though it means putting other things in life on hold. As 2012 unfolds, life also unfolds its plan, which is far from what we expect. Here is some of it:

  1. Personal best of 5k run 28:44, much faster than my goals of 29:59. Especially, this is as a result of 2 months training after 3 month pause.
  2. A new job at a new level, which come at a sweet time when my promotion was rejected at the former office in May 2012
  3. Trip of the Earth’s Equator in Pontianak, November 2012. After trip km 0 in Sabang in 2008, this left us the easternmost tip of Indonesia in Merauke
  4. Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore, Half-Marathon, my first international race, and my final race in 2012

And at this time this year, we are thinking of what is next for us in 2013? Certainly our (no more) baby will be on the top list. But if we have the chance, here what we would like to tick off by the same time in 2013:

  1. Finish the Marathon Race. Yes, it is 42.195 kilometers
  2. More trips. We have several air tickets to various destination, which we hope to be able to use
  3. Move to our new house. No more excuse this year!

Wish you all a rocking 2013!


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