Stubborn Patient, What Will You Do?

Imagine yourself as a doctor. A patient come to you for advise, whether he can run and finish a Marathon. He happens to be your long term patient.

After you examine him, you told him that he shouldn’t run a Marathon because of weak knee.

He decided to run the Marathon anyway. After finishing the 42.195 km, he come back to your office, limping with knee that hurting like hell.

What will you do?

  1. Tell him: “I told you so”, then refuse to offer any further advise since he is ignoring you at the first place
  2. Tell him: “Let me see what can I do to fix your knee” and start examining him, offering the best possible course of action to fix the damage that already being done

Which one will win you more business? And make more lasting relationship that is more beneficial to you?



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