Letter to Myself in 2029

Hi, it is me, Benny. Yes, it is me, 15 years younger than you. I hope this email found you in a good condition.

I just came back from Bali to join Bali Marathon on September 2014. I joined the half marathon, so not to burn myself and still have enough energy for holiday. Ethan and Grace did came along.

I started to shape our dream for the future, which I hope you are now living. On this trip, I went to see some land to buy for us to open Bed & Breakfast, and call home in 15 years time frame. I certainly wish that you are there now.

And, I also wish that you have moved to Bali permanently. This is the life that I wish you are living at the moment:

  1. Run Bed and breakfast with 6 rooms for a living. Every morning, you will cook breakfast for all your guests, and having a pleasant conversation about life, or world in general
  2. Provide IT consulting to client around the world, remotely. Yes, remotely, using Skype, Email, or other technology that they develop in 15 years time
  3. Write a book about travel, and getting invited to Ubud Writers and Readers Festival
  4. Run a very successful travel and technology blog

And if you do, I’m happy for you. Please also say my regards to Grace and Ethan


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