Don’t Burn the Bridge

The last time I move to another company is because of a rejected promotion. And this time, it is because of another priority comes in my personal life. In fact, I’m moving back to the company that rejected my promotion.

For me, moving to another company or job is never been easy. There are a lot of uncertainty of what you are going to do. And there will be awkward transition period. First when you are going to say goodbye to everyone, to co-worker, and to clients. Then there will be another awkward period of adjusting in the new company, learning their new culture, business process, getting to know more people, and new clients. And finally, the possibility of going back to the same clients that you just said your farewell!

So, the trouble of moving to another company, and the fact that I’m back to a company that was rejecting my promotion? What priority that is so damn important that make me took the decision? The answer, well, you might have guess it: My family. To be specific: My son.

A lot of things happen in the last 6 months prior to my decision. First, Grace has finally started her own food business. Taking care of a business took a lot of time, reducing the time for her to be at home with our son. Adding to that, our son has started to go to school in August 2014. It was only 3 times a week, but starting August 2015, he will go to school every day. Someone need to make sure he go to bed before 10, and wake up in the morning, and prep him to school.

There are times when our son was only picked up at 10pm by Grace, when he is supposed to be sleeping before 10. Then, he will only sleep at 11pm, and has difficulty to wake up the next day. On other instance, Grace need to have a business meeting on Saturday, while I also need to be in the office. Our son ended up being in someone else’s custody on the weekend, in addition to the weekdays.

Well, someone has to let go. I support Grace’s business, as it has been our dream to start our own business ever since we got married close to 5 years ago. So, I relent, and swallow the bitter pill. I submit my resignation to move to my former company two months ago. My former company is closer to home, making commuting easier. It also has better working hours, and very seldom needing weekend work.

In this reflection, I also think how true the old saying is: Don’t burn the bridge. As much as I hate when my promotion was rejected, I never badmouth about the company, or the person who rejected my promotion. Well, at least never in the public, or in social media. Yes, I was so much inclined to post something in Facebook about the person and the company. But fortunately, common sense come before I did something stupid. Badmouthing in the social media won’t do anything good to me, except a short term ego satisfaction and probably some publicity. Besides, when I think about it, that company is still a good company. And a one person act doesn’t make the whole company a bad one.

And having said that, I still intend to return to my current company, once things got more manageable at home. Once my wife able to have more free time, or when our son has grow to be more independent. Until then, I think I will need to put my career in the slow lane.


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