This is 2015

2015In less than a week, we will officially be in 2015. After the year full of achievement and changes, I’m looking forward to do things that is more personal, and more spiritual in 2015.

I must admit that, as we approach Christmas a few days ago, I don’t have the same attachment and expectation to it. This is quite unusual, as I used to look forward to Christmas months before. Probably I was having easy months, so I don’t really look forward to Him. It is during the hard days that people usually look for divine power, don’t we?

Well, I want to change that in 2015. My first goal for 2015 is to return to Church more regularly. I used to hold something against the Church, which I wrote in this post. Well, I do still really resolve it, but I just want to be closer to Him.

I also want to introduce God and Catholic religion to my son. Before I got married, I signed a paper, promising to teach my son in the way of Catholic. I would like to fulfill my promise in 2015. How we should do it is still being think about, as I need to juggle our weekend between running, church, parent visit and some other personal agenda.

Then, I’m looking forward to do more in charity. Me and my friend started a charity back in 2007, called Ribbon of Love. Seven years later, it is a bit neglected. We owe the charity to our donor, who trust their money to us, and to our benefactor, who depends on us. I would like to improve our communication to our donor, such as regular financial report, as well as communication to our recipient.

In the former year, I resolute to run at least one marathon a year, to remind me never to stop moving forward. I think I got enough marathon, and wouldn’t need to be reminded again in 2015. I want to do something else in the field of running, and in general, in the field of health and fitness. So, I promise myself not to run a marathon in 2015.

Instead, I want to run for charity. I want to run for Ribbon of Love, to spread the message of what we are doing, gain more exposure, with hope that we can recruit more donor, and volunteer to keep our program running. At the moment, I plan to write, our website, at the back of my running shirt.

I also want to run to compete. This might be a gar fetched goal that. Ight extend to 2016, when I plan do do ultramarathon. So, for 2015, I aimed to run 10k under 60 minutes. I think the commitment required will me more manageable compared to marathon training.

On a broader view, I want to improve my general and fitness in 2015. I want to lose weight, but more importantly, I want to lose weight while lowering my cholesterol and blood sugar level to a healthier level, and having more stable energy level throughout the day. It will took more than running and weight training. It will also include paying attention to what you eat. I’ve done it before during my Penang Bridge Marathon training, and have feel the benefit. I’ll do it again in 2015.

So, am I going to forget what I wrote in my bucket list? Hell, no! Among my bucket list, the one that I want to focus is to buy a property in Bali. We took the first step in September 2014, when we started to contact property agent and scout some land. I really look forward to complete the purchase in 2015.

There it is, I already have so much on my plate for 365 days in 2015. Lets get to work to make it done, and make it great!


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