Expressing Myself to a Toddler

I don’t consider myself as someone with even the sligthest talent of art. Not even a little bit. During my school year, I was struggling to draw a Durian. I was so hopeless that my drawing look like a hedgehog with fat needle. I ended up asking my friend’s help to draw the damned Durian for me.

But, things change when I was faced with a toddler, my 3 years old son. He was fond of windmill, and often bring in front of me, a clean sheet of paper and different colour of marker, and asked me to draw windmills.

So, here I am, in front of a toddler, who don’t really judge whether the windmill even look pretty or not. He only care that the drawing has a cross mark on it. Why should I bother? On that day, I express myself in drawing 10 different windmill with 10 different colour, on a piece of paper.

Sepuluh Kincir

Ten Windmill, Ten Colour

For me, it is the best windmills that I’ve ever draw. I don’t know whether my son agreed or not, but he seems to be content. Well, the truth is that, it seems that I have some artist in me after all.

This post is written for WordPress weekly photo challenge: Express Yourself. Well, technically, this is not a photo. I put this up anyway, because this drawing is the best expression of myself to date.

  1. Keep drawing, connect with your inner artist, I find new creativity drawing and painting with my granddaughter (aged 6)

    • scalarae said:

      Hi Jim, thanks for the comment.

      I think the problem started when we are being judge at school. School always have something good and bad, including good drawing and bad drawing. This things might work on science, but destroy confidence in creative work.

      With my toddler, he doesn’t care if a drawing is good or bad, which is why I’m able to express myself. I guess like what you said, it is not too late. If you can found your inner artist with your grandchildren, it won’t be too late for me to start working with my toddler son.

      Have a nice Sunday…..

      • I think most of us can develop artistic skills, it takes practise and a way of looking at things….
        Schools are not the best places to develop the individual. School put me off many things like drawing, music, reading… before I went to school I loved reading…but I didn’t like being told what I had to read, and responding to questions on what I had read…I rediscovered my love of reading and drawing long after if I finished school…but I am still convinced I can’t sing…because a teacher told me not to sing in the school play :/

  2. it’s a great response to the challenge! Very original and hey! It’s art. Art is an expression. Smear a bunch of your toddler’s fingerprint and it becomes abstract. And then who knows you can sell it for good money! 😉

    • scalarae said:

      Great idea! I have seen kids smearing their hands on paper in my son’s school. Definitely worth a try at home.

      And where is my ebay account password now….

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