I started this blog 6 years ago. Part of it is to serve as picture of life in words, other is to practice my English writing skill, which is why almost all my posts are in English.

The blog has served its purpose. Skimming to couple of posts, I can watch my life as if watching it on DVD. My English has also much improved, which is proved by approval of my travel blog to join Lonely Planet’s Blogsherpa. I’ve also got more chance to practice my English at work, since I mostly works with foreigner.

Now, as life unfolds, I decided to write it in my mother tongue, Bahasa Indonesia. It is the perfect time, with so many Indonesian become more connected to other media. I’m proud to be part of this young generation, the most creative one I can tell since the renaissance era.

Sampai jumpa in Bahasa….


This is sucks. My web hosting shutdown my server due to spam, and I lost all my blog post.

Try to recovering it piece by piece……

Update  2 April 2008: I’m officially stop recovering my blogs. Total recovered: 66%