To be honest, it still feels weird to see my name written on the wedding invitation. My wedding  invitation, our wedding invitation.

Seven days to our wedding date, and we have been through the most tough weeks of the preparation. Last weekend wasn’t feels like weekend, as we so busy driving to test food, looking for parents’ dress, discussing make up for the bride, talking with the photographers, and watching our friends who will sing for us. Just to make sure that they won’t hurt anyone’s ear :D.

New Year was spent with finalizing the book for the holy matrimony, reviewing invitation list, printing labels, putting invitation in the envelope, and sticking the label. A little celebration in the middle of hectic chores, as we celebrate the passing year with a bottle of Champagne, and boxes of Royce.

One thought last week, that I think we have been cruel to our parents. We got a lot of helps from our friend, either voluntary or due to our request. But we never allowed our parents to contribute, to help in our big day.

We are grateful for what they’ve done for us. Taking care of us for 30 years was never easy. All we want is for them to give their blessings as we said our vows in front of the altar, with tears of happiness in their cheeks. But well, parents is forever parents, and no matter how old we are, we’re still kids for them.

Seven days to our wedding, we wish that we have through the lows, so that the days ahead would always better until the date came. After that, when all the guess have gone home, there will be only the 2 of us….


“So, what’s next”, I popped the question to her.

We are getting married in 3 weeks, in the first month of 2010. And marriage is not the end. It is a beginning of a new chapter in life, and we definitely don’t want to spoil it. There should be another great thing after marriage other than making babies.

That evening, we created our new bucket list. Not the list to be done in 2010, but a far greater list of what we want after the wedding. Some we wish to cross off  during the year, other might took years to complete. The list so far:

  1. A travel book and travel literature library, with attached coffee shop. Travelers are free to read the travel guides and literature over a cup of coffee and plate of snacks. We will keep a corner for ourself, for us to write our travel story
  2. To relive the nomad live, to live and work at a new city, country for at least 3-5 years before moving on. City list so far: Singapore, Melbourne, London
  3. To be able to work and make money at anytime, anywhere
  4. To have her own regular column about travel, architecture and food
  5. To have a furniture shop featuring works of non-famous designer. New designer with great talent but little opportunity will have the chance to feature their works.
  6. To travel round-the-world, fly to the east

Happy New Year 2010, hope that you cross off many things in 2009, and add even more in your bucket list for 2010

My 31st birthday turns out to be a cheerful one.  Exactly at 00:00, 3 person wished me a Happy Birthday. To one of them I promised a Birthday Wish.

Next, after the morning shower, the bank called me for a good news about my mortgage: the special rate is being extended. Suddenly I still see myself surfing at Bali beach next year, yaiy.

The traffic is at ease as well int he morning, since people has started their long holiday from the office. Some of them is babysitting their kids, because the nanny left for the long holiday. Another is travelling to their hometown to celebrate the biggest annual celebration in the country: The Eidl Fitr.

My Facebook wall is filled with birthday wishes as well, so full that I can’t even see yesterday’s notification, and had to scroll 3 pages just to thank them for the wishes. The same thing happened in the office, when they all crowd my desk to wish me a birthday.

The day is getting dark, and my 31st birthday will pass in couple of hours. Before it is too late, its my time to fulfill my promise to post my brithday wish.

“I wish that I can celebrate my 32nd birthday at my new nice small place I called home, with someone I would call my wife.”

A recollection, if I may say..

And it makes me think when was the last time I joined this kind church retreat gathering.. 10 or 15 years ago perhaps, ewwwhhhhh.

We have completed pre marital course session last week.

To my surprise, it was not as boring as I thought previously although sitting on flat folded chair for 16 hrs for straight two days absolutely make your bottom feel quite nasty.

Topics learned are basics, some important things you’ve used to ignore or even forget. How to build effective communication, spiritual things on family, how to educate your children, even they taught about basic sexuality session from church perspective. Warning to my anti sexist friends: some of these sessions might burn your head to toe depends on your belief.

The good thing about every session is sharing. Although the lectures taught one way theory but in between there are always sharing time from couples, neither the lectures neither the members. This is not about learning from expert how to build your perfect family, but by listening to other people stories about the ugly and bad things and how they survive, hoping that you’ll find your own strength and faith on your future family life. Because whether you agreed or not, it’s the family tie that bonds your heart and soul later in marriage life.

Another important things are, you were allowed (I said pushed) to express and exchange your feelings to your partner on a basic level which sometimes you never revealed to him or her. Daily routines, conversation, sharing, in any way probably did not touch the essential basic questions because you feel it too common neither why would such stupid questions be asked? In the end, it’s glad to know what your partner has revealed about your good and bad side wide open.

Me, I was interesting on seeing couples who attend this class. Those who dated foreigner, those who dated freelancer, those who talked too much, those who seem sweets and romantic. Couples whom I think smart and good partner, couples who seems the woman take control and vice versa, couples who has been through tough times, couples who survived stormy marriage and so on. And imagining marriage life they’ll enter with their partners, uh oh, I am not magician nor even God but certain funny and sweet feelings rushed my mind that time.

In the end, I was stunned of thingy reality of revelation. Sometimes I did not revealed such things I considered as private even to my close friend, but to new unknown people you’ve just met, bang! You were very fluent to tell about everything and your feelings especially.

The course and session had finished. Not only for legal certificate had we earned but hopefully another basic revelation on stepping into marriage life in the future. When the world seems too busy neither too smart to explore and conquest, returning to the first step always enlightening. We’re never smart enough to understand the mystery of His creation anyway.

I’m raising thank you pray, dear Lord.

Written by She on 18 August 2009

I spent the whole holiday week battling a very bad flu & cough. It isn’t common that I caught in such bad flu… in fact, I haven’t caught flu this bad since the last 3 years.

Then suddenly this morning she called, sms-ed, trying everything she can (telepathy if it is possible) to let me know that, she would come with hot chicken soup…. not only a bowl, but 2 large plastic of homemade chicken soup :D. The sausage floats as it is being heated, and sip of it really sooth my sore throat. I also love chipping on the carrots and small chunks of chicken.

Another portion of the soup for dinner makes me feel better already. Thank you very much for the soup >:D<

Rowing CartoonTo welcome the fasting month, we decided to went out of the city. The reason is, during fasting month and 1 week afterwards, we will be practically bounded in Jakarta. Restaurant will mostly closed, so there are no reason to go anywhere during the period.

But we have a different idea. I prefer Pramuka Island than Bandung, since just recently I was in Bandung. She prefer Bandung, due to lack of point of interest in Pramuka Island. So, when we can’t choose between two, we pick the third option: Krakatoa Volcano. Just realized now that it is really a good compromise of ocean (Pramuka Island) and Mountain (Town of Bandung) into Krakatoa Volcano, which is located at Sunda Strait.

So, with 2 backpack, we set off on Friday evening, anxious for another adventure trip ahead. And 3 days later we’re back to Jakarta, full of joy, and tons of pics uploaded at

*Photo taken from , hosted at

All this unimportant intellectual rambling for today started by Venny in her post. Was thinking to put my new title behind my name. Cool? Read on 😀

Coincidentally, one of the radio broadcaster tonight also talked about title, congratulating his friend for a new master degree, and close it with a question: Does your salary adjusted to your new title? A very good question…..

So, maybe title won’t get you a pay rise, but might get you a very rich in-laws… or do the opposite, keep you single for quite a while. Is it? At least, in our observation tonight, most of those who major in engineering usually married latter than those major in other fields. We can think of 4 engineering person straight who yet to be married, and have to think hard to find 4 non engineering degree at our age who are still single.

Need more prove? She said that, among her high school’s female friend, only the engineering one that haven’t married. Well, start checking on your friend and see if it is true :D.

If title and marriage are so closely related, is it possible that the title itself contains some kind of prophecy? Let see (ask someone who understand Bahasa to translate for you):

  • Scal ST –> Scal Single Tau
  • Scal ST MM –> Scal Single Tapi Mau Menikah
  • Scal ST MM –> Scal Single Tampan Mencari Model

OK, I’ll stop before people start throwing rotten tomato and egg to this blog. But seems that the theory fit in. Then, if the title has some kind of prophecy about marriage, why don’t they put something more straightforward in name card? Think of it, if people will put ST MM behind their name, why don’t they put “single, 30” in the same card? Who knows that the people who got your card happen to know someone a match for you?

Hmmm…. Scal, Single, 30? Not so cool anymore….

PS: Being someone with engineering degree, I would say that most of us are looking for “the one”, instead of “the only one”. Read this post from my friend 😀